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The IT Internship Program was created in January 2013, and has been designed to access the large pool of talent at UM and surrounding universities and to offer professional development and training opportunities within the Health System.

The interns are given a structured program with mentorship and deliverables that add value to their education and to the organization. All receive a well-rounded professional experience as well as the opportunity to learn specific technical and/or managerial skills necessary to be successful in Health Care IT and Operations. The program meets specific graduation requirements for multiple university programs and interns who show the greatest aptitude have the opportunity to earn entry level, full-time positions within UM.

There has been a great deal of success since the program’s inception. Over 50 students have completed the internship program from various academic disciplines to include Industrial Engineering, Public Health, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration, Business Technology, Nursing, and more. Some of these interns have already become permanent members of the Clinical Applications Systems team.

To continue expanding the reach of this program, we have begun recruiting into Health Care Operations and Strategy and are also developing curriculum for Health Care Informatics degree programs within UM. This is an invaluable opportunity for both the organization and students and we are excited for the future of the program.

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