Health Information Management

The Health Information Integrity (HII) application team administers how the University of Miami’s computer systems are used to insure the integrity and availability of Electronic Health Records. The creation and maintenance of complete and accurate health records is required by law, regulation, policy and common practice.  Compliance with these practices is managed by HII personnel using electronic systems administered by the HII Application team. 

The HII application is used to:

  • Ensure that the proper level of clinical documentation is created for each type of clinical encounter
  • Enforce compliance with laws, regulation and policies related to clinical documentation
  • Manage physical documents generated as a part of the patient care process
  • Insure that documentation is linked to the proper patient and encounter
  • Abstract and codify encounter information for analysis, reporting and billing processes
  • Release health record information to patients, their agents and authorized third parties
  • Insure the integrity of the health record through changes in practice, environment and personnel.

The availability and accuracy of a record of care is crucial to the effective long-term management of patient health. The HII application team is dedicated to making sure that the clinical information stored in the University of Miami’s computers systems supports the current and future needs of the patients we serve.