Health Information Management

The Health Information Management (HIM) team supports the Health Information Management Department to attest that the HIM UChart modules are current and functioning as expected. These modules include Coding, Release of Information, Chart Correction (Identity), Chart Tracking, Deficiency Tracking, and Scanning (OnBase). As the custodian of the medical records, HIM certifies the integrity, accuracy, and maintenance of the patients’ health information to comply with regulatory agencies, UHealth policies, and FL State and Federal laws.

The HIM application achieves the following:

  • Manage and scan paper documentation
  • Monitor, analyze and communicate to the medical staff clinical documentation requiring completeness
  • Code and abstract encounters
  • Release and track patients’ health information initiated by employees, patients or third-party entities
  • Correct, monitor and  merge patient health information
  • Comply with laws, regulation, and policies to protect patients’ health information

The UChart HIM team is dedicated to providing support and training to the HIM shareholders along with communicating new HIM functionalities when available with the Epic upgrades.