Research IT

The Research Information Technology (RIT) supports the University of Miami community by providing systems to facilitate research administration. The services we offer include:

  • Providing process improvement assistance for research administration and related areas
  • Configuring research application infrastructure to support administrative operations
  • Capturing process and information requirements from end-users and stakeholders
  • Developing training materials and end-user training on deployed functionality
  • Offering end-user support as needed
  • Tracking outcomes to improvement efforts
  • Maintaining quality assurance and data integrity

 The Research IT unit is responsible for:

  • Strategic planning, involving technology to achieve research enterprise goals
  • Process/Systems Analysis, Requirements Gathering, and Technology Evaluation
  • Information management including optimization of the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information
  • Research and Clinical Informatics
  • Software Development, Maintenance, Configuration, Documentation, QA, and Testing
  • Research system-to-system interfacing, integration, and workflows
  • End-user support

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