Research IT Staff

Research Intelligence and Data Infrastructure

We highly encourage sending your request to as the main method of following up with our office on any open tickets we have created on your behalf. The content on this page is for informational purposes only and we request any questions for our applications be sent to our shared e-mail box,


Raquel Zamora
IT Manager

Leah Bamford
Senior Manager, Application System Development

Henry Manfrediz
Velos eResearch Senior IT Manager

Project Managers/Project Specialists

Kanchan Sakhrani
IT Project Manager, IRB and COI

Cesar Gavidia
IT Project Specialist, IRB and InfoEd

Maciej Kabelis
IT Project Specialist, Part 11 Compliance

Developers / Database Administrator

Danny Leal
Senior Programmer

Giselle Wong Won
Senior Programmer

Aymee Ortiz Acosta
Senior Programmer

End-User Support

Daniel Auguste
Help Desk Technician