Velos eResearch

Velos eResearch Clinical Trials Management Software

Our Objective

To provide clinical researchers and study staff with user-friendly technology infrastructure for managing studies, tracking subjects, and facilitating analysis, while maintaining the privacy and safety of participants.

Access Velos eResearch

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What is Velos eResearch?

Velos eResearch is a web-based clinical research management application that is designed specifically for investigators and their research teams. Velos eResearch supports processes for patient recruitment, patient scheduling, budgeting, invoicing, and milestone management, data safety monitoring, adverse event reporting, system integration, data collection and study execution.

Velos eResearch allows all study-related information to be centralized and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Password-protected, the account is accessible only to authorized personnel. It is easy to use, reliable and completely secure.

What are the advantages of Velos eResearch?

  • Entirely web-based, accessible from any browser
  • No new username and password, uses CaneID
  • Coordinates multi-site studies
  • Fully-auditable, supports 21 CFR Pt 11 compliance
  • Focuses on investigators and their study teams, and incorporates their workflow
  • Allows users to be productive in minutes or hours, not weeks or months
  • Coordinates more trials simultaneously
  • Increases protocol compliance
  • Real-time monitoring across the organization
  • Centralized access to all study-related information
  • Efficient and secure communication

Why should we use Velos eResearch?

An integrated, network-based system provides investigators, study coordinators and clinical departments with improved research information capabilities. Velos eResearch was designed from the ground up to support both study administration and clinical data management in a single, integrated environment.

For studies where we are the coordinating site, Velos eResearch is solving “the last mile” problem. Velos eResearch provides end-to-end electronic clinical trial data collection, where study data comes directly from source systems (e.g. labs, adverse events and medical records) at the sites, to the lead investigator and monitors, and on to the coordinating site. Such a system infrastructure is a major leap forward in clinical trial automation for both sponsors and investigators. Velos eResearch enables “direct data capture” as compared to “electronic data capture.”

Key features that support our clinical research efforts

Study Administration

  • Protocol Management
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Adverse Event Management and Reporting
  • Data Safety Monitoring
  • Budgets, Milestones, Invoices
  • Invoice Payment Receipts and Processing
  • Management of research organizations, personnel, and collaborators

Clinical Data Management

  • Patient Profiling
  • Longitudinal patient level information collection and analysis
  • Study Specific Data Collection and Analysis
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Integration with internal and third party information systems

Training Opportunities

Contact if you have any questions, or send an email to the Velos eResearch group: Daniel Auguste, or Henry Manfrediz.

For online training visit ULearn to colmplete these two mandatory modules Velos Part 11 User Training and Introduction to Velos.


These PDF files will help you start using Velos eResearch:

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